Monday, October 1, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.

So, I've finally figured out how to get my phone to accept WIFI because I am really that special. But I think it's been one of my happiest moments here, because now I'm connected to everyone back home without the hassle of waiting for them to get online. While it doesn't sound like a big deal, it's kind of actually monumental. I have also remembered my stash of Datsik photos on my phone, and needless to say, it's slightly more bearable being away from him.  However, when I get home he and I are going to have a force cuddle session for about 4 hours. Even if he doesn't know what's coming, I'm excited.
However, my craving for cheetos has yet to go away, so I think while the force cuddling is happening, I might just have to feed myself large quantities of cheetos. It's amazing to me how you can miss something so much, not just people or animals but a food item, one you weren't even that crazy about before you left. It might also be the stress of filling out stuff for France next semester that's made me go a little past my normal level of crazy. I have also come to the conclusion that consulates are nothing but spy systems made up to monitor the country they are in. This is all it can be, because I find that the only valid excuse they have for not answering emails in a timely fashion. Either that or they've been abducted by aliens, but even I don't think that's true.
On top of a major case of the munchies, a massive headache and an ulcer from stress, my brain refuses to focus on school work, especially when I have found a site that allows me to watch whatever movie I want when I want, and it's free. If only I had some cheetos for my movie marathons. But don't worry guys, I am still studying and I'm doing fairly well, it's just after I've been able to pry myself away from Facebook and Twitter where I've spent approximately three hours creeping on everyone I know, love, and miss like crazy.
But now, I think I'm going to start a movie, and maybe take a nap, because baby be tired.

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