Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just to reiterate the point that I have no sense of direction...

Yesterday, I decided to hang out with a couple of friends, and college students have been known to do, and while we were 'chilling' (as the hip young minds of today would say) it started to rain.  Now I love a good walk in the rain, it's in fact one of my favorite things to do.  However, when it rains in Bilbao, it isn't really a slight drizzle, which is beautiful to walk in, it's kind of like a harder rain that never stops...ever.
I wasn't worried by this, because we were in a place where the bus to pick me up stops at, which was great, it meant very little walking would occur, and I could remain dry.
This only works if you get on the right bus. Now I got on the bus with the number I needed, I just got on the one going the opposite direction of where I wanted to be. So guess who felt like a champ? Now what's even better, is that while in Nebraska, when you take the wrong bus you can stay on it and ride back to where you made your mistake, and then get on the right bus. In Spain, you have to get off the bus at the last stop. Which means that I had to get off somewhere, where I had never been before, and then had to find something that looked familiar and hope that I knew how to get home. Which I successfully did, after about a 40 minute walk and a 15 minute bus ride. It sucked, but it was a nice learning experience, it taught me to never go anywhere by myself.
However today made up for it, because I got ahold of my spanish exchange partner, and she seems super nice, and we are having our first meeting tomorrow, so I think that means I have my second official Spanish friend. (YAY ME!!) I also managed to walk up Satan's hill today in a pair of platform shoes, granted they're only like 2 inch heels, but it still counts, I've accomplished one of my goals. I also met a nice Irish boy, who sounds delectable when he speaks, and since I've seen him before at Deusto, it means I made my first Irish friend. (A REALLY BIG YAY ME) And later tonight, I'm going to a play, which I like doing, because I'm a classy bitch. I'm also going to chill with a friend before hand and have a lovely time that makes me feel better about me, because everyone needs someone like that. I hope you all are having a great day as well, and keep stalking my life, it makes me feel oober important.

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