Friday, September 7, 2012

The first friday night

So last night was seriously fun. We went to a bar in Getxo where they flipped a coin and if you guessed the right side you got your drinks for free. I only managed to snag one drink, but there were a few people who got three for free. Most of us stayed there until two in the morning, and then took cabs back to Bilbao so that we could prepare for tonight.
Today was our visit to the Guggenheim museum, and there were some really awesome pieces in there. Others kind of looked like finger paintings, but hey, to each their own. Anyway out front is one of the really awesome pieces, it's a giant dog covered in flowers, so like Clifford only a patchwork of flowers.
There was another piece, a painting of the sea, that was sort of blurred so that it looked like a fuzzy picture from a camera, I would have snagged a picture, but that was frowned upon, and I figured I should behave for at least the first few weeks here. Another really cool piece was a painting of this dude, lying on his back looking at a sky full of stars, I would have bought it, had there not been the issue of getting it home somehow, and finding a place where Datsik wouldn't eat it or destroy it.  
After the Goog, i finally got a phone, so that way in case of an emergency I'm not stranded, and it was in perfect timing because I thought tonight I'd be going to an overnight party.  However, nobody from my group of students wanted to go to that, so we're hitting a bar tonight instead, which is ok, I'm sure I'll be able to find local Spaniards at a bar just as easy as at a festival. And while I entertained the thought of going to the festival alone, I'm not crazy about being alone at 6 in the morning trying to get back to Bilbao by myself, I'm not that grown up. 
And that's about all I have for now, I suppose it's time I finish getting ready to par-tay. 

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