Monday, September 3, 2012

The Weekend Before

 So, before I left for my trip to Spain, I thought I would have a going away party, so that all the people who adore the holy mother loving doody out of me would have an easy way to stop by and say good bye for the next few months. What I had not expected, however, was to be bombarded with such awesome gifts.
 Firstly, you can see four big multi-bracelets which I've been oogling on a friend of mine's arm for quite some time. She clearly noticed, and decided that I should be able to accessorize properly while I was away from home.
 The next few gifts are from my fabtab friend Liz, who managed to make me teary eyed by giving me the most random stuff. The bottle above is clearly a 5 hour energy, what the common observer doesn't get to see is that the bottle says "when you need a pick me up", which was one of about 6 items in my survival kit.
 This one is pretty self explanatory, and you can just read the note, but still one of the sweetest things I've ever received.
Another fantastic present, because everyone knows there is really never a reason needed to drink (I promise I'm not an alcoholic).
One of the first movies Liz and I ever watched, which was kind of the beginning to like seven of our traditions, which I will dearly miss while I'm away.

This is kind of explanatory, but I just have to say, really? I've found that sexy someone, and you only give me  ONE CONDOM?! Like that's not even funny guys.

Nuff said, although this one didn't make it to my bag, and my big fat aka my dog Datsik, ate this present.
This last one, is my all time favorite present ever given. It's a journal so that I can write down my entire experience and not miss a single thing to go back and reread/relive. On the inside are amazingly beautiful quotes and pictures of me and my family when I was little. It's just so absolutely amazing. And it's only one of the numerous reasons I've realized I am truly blessed with amazing people in my life. 

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