Monday, September 24, 2012

I've now been a woman in Spain

If you don't understand the title, well then you probably aren't female. However, this explains a lot, as to why I've been so upset lately, and if I can just get through the next 4 days it will all be ok. I have found out that while it is impossible to find real cheetos in Spain, the cheetos puffs are almost the same, so someone needs to get on sending me cheetos through the computer.
I still feel kind of uncomfortable with my host family, I can't tell if my mom's face is just one that looks somewhat angry, or if she's actually displeased with me. And right now, that's not a good thing, because it just makes me want to cry. BECAUSE I'M A GIRL THAT'S WHY. And I still miss my dog. I REALLY need to find a big dog, before I go and buy one. No joke. If someone could mail me Datsik, I'd appreciate it.
I have decided that I shouldn't travel anywhere because I don't do enough homework when I travel. This creates time problems, because I never have enough time to waste on the internet. This weekend the game plan is to go to San Sebastian, which will have a film festival going on, and there's rumors of a good sized aquarium...CAN YOU SAY JELLYFISH BETCHES?!?! I'm somewhat excited for it. Maybe just a little.
I think that's all I have for you fantastic people, besides the reminders that I'd like cheetos and my dog whenever you get the chance. Also, someone tell my grandma happy belated birthday, and give everyone all my love, there's currently an overflow of it, and I need it to get cleaned up :)

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