Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm having the best week ever basically

So to start it out, this weekend, with all the clubbing, my ama (host mom) gave me a couple of the nicest compliments anyone has ever said to me.  Being that I'm the best non-hispanic Spanish speaker she's ever hosted, and that I constantly look gorgeous when I go out.  Both of these coming from a Spanish woman, are pretty damn encouraging things.
I finally started my last class yesterday, and it was by far the most fun I have ever had in a class in my life, and yes Julia, if you read this, that means it beats Chris in French class. We basically just played games and did activities to mejorar our Spanish, and get to know each other.
Also yesterday, I went with a friend to a Doctor's office because she needed help translating, and as Superwoman, it's kind of my job to help those in need. While we were there, we had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to be seen, like over an hour, which was like I said ridiculous, but oh well. So when we got in to see the good Doctor, I whipped out my Spanish vocab and was like "bam, take that bro, I'm like a native!" Not really, but we got the point across, better than expected, and we got her the meds she NEEDS to be on, that last bit is a joke, he just prescribed her large quantities of Ibeprofuen, and yea screw spelling that word correctly.  But the really awesome part of this was that the medicine man complimented me on how well I speak spanish...SO BAM. Two compliments on how amazing I am in less than a week. Spain loves me, and I'm never leaving.
Then today, I was talking to one of the guys who has an apartment without a host family here, and got the clearance to go over with a friend and cook. Which is something that I'm ecstatic about, because I seriously miss it, and since Spanish women are territorial about kitchens, this is kind of fantastic news.  Besides that, I got a confirmation email about some paper work for my going to France next semester, that was such a relief to receive. And the piece de resistance (since we're talking about France here) I walked up Satan's hill without stopping today. I am officially a BAMF, and all you peons shall bow before my awesomeness.
Needless to say I'm celebrating my good fortune by eating whatever amount of sweet delicacies I can buy with 10 euros.

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