Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's a beautiful thing that Bilbao has a seriously top notch organ transplant system

Because after this semester I think I'll need a new liver.  These Spaniards are locos! I don't know how they can party this hard every weekend, clearly I didn't practice enough back home. So let me tell you all about the last two nights I've had here.
Friday night a few of us (like 9 people I think) met up at the plaza moyua, which is really pretty with a fountain and lots of flowers, and the organizer of this meeting wanted to go drink in a park.  So we went to a store and some of the others picked up whatever they were drinking so that they could go crazy spanish style. Well after walking around for a while a place was found and people consumed their drinks.
After a while a few of us got antsy because we wanted to go to a bar, instead of just chilling in a park, so we walked to Casco Viejo to find one. It was like a 20 minute walk until we found a bar that was open and we jumped at the chance to get some drinks finally. We had a great time, and we weren't even the loudest group in the bar, which is surprising because it was basically a group of around twenty students all around the age of twenty (a few other groups decided to join us in our revelry and merriment).
We stayed at the bar until around 3 if I remember correctly, and a large quantity of photos were taken, all of them masterpieces if I say so. Anyway, after getting nicely liquored up, we went back to one of the guys apartment and continued on with our drunken party. We stayed there, just chilling and playing a few games until about 5 in the morning.
A couple people stayed over because the metro closes down at 2 and don't open up until 6 in the morning. I however had to walk up Satan's hill, although I did convince someone to walk with me, for safety reasons. Although I felt kind of awful about it, because he didn't quite take me seriously when I said it was a really hard climb. Regardless I made it home safe, and we both got a work out, and he was rewarded with like four shots in one for his valiant gentlemanly behavior.
The next day (saturday) was spent basically recuperating until around 8pm, because crazy awesome nights will do that to a person. Eventually a plan was hatched to go to a town that was having a street festival, and get crazy there. So a few of the guys from the Bilbao area headed to the metro to meet up with the Getxo gang, and then from there head to the fiesta.
This place was packed when we arrived, there was no extra standing room on the metro ride over, and when we got to the town, everyone got off with us. It was so crazy and so much fun. I got a few free drinks, because I found the best bartenders, and a few drinks for way under priced.  I guess it's about damn time this pretty face started putting in it's fair share of action. I learned how to say thank you in Basque, but I'm not even going to attempt spelling it.  I also met a group of local women, who were pretty awesome. All the locals that I talk to say that I speak very well, which is good to know, because that means I speak awesome drunk spanish.
We stayed at the fiesta until about 530 in the morning, then caught the metro to head back home.  I walked up to my apartment by myself, and I didn't die, so I'm feeling pretty badass today.  The only problem with that 'hill' is that walking up it when drunk makes you so sober, so that you can't fall asleep with a nice little buzz. Either way it was a damn good time.
Nothing super adventurous is happening today, there might be a beach date, but most likely not, and I'm ok with this, because my body needs some TLC.

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