Monday, September 24, 2012

Madrid and Toledo without the U.

So this weekend we had an excursion planned by the school to go to Madrid and Toledo, which didn't go quite the way I'd expected, but it was still a good time. So children, let's start with the story time
Friday morning I woke up at 6:20am, which is like the ass crack of dawn, to head to the bus terminal so that I could go take a five hour bus ride before touring the city. After the tour of the city we had free time until dinner, which was about 2-2.5 hours.  Needless to say I went home and napped as soon as possible, because naps that's why.  After about an hour of sleeping, it was off to dinner, which wasn't as impressive as the lunch was, and leaves me with nothing to describe to you. We did see the old royal palace though, which as you would expect, was filled with beautiful decorations that you couldn't take pictures of, along with tapestries and pictures, most of which cost more than I'll ever make in my life.
After dinner I felt a little ill so I decided that I wasn't going to go out, Madrid or no, and my roomies for the weekend decided to stay in with me. So we did the typical girl thing, and chatted for around 3 hours like 10 year old girls. It was nice, especially when we were some of the few without massive hangovers for the Toledo tour.
However, not all was well the next day.  When I say it was seriously trying, I'm not joking.  The only thing I could think about that day was how much I missed Toni and Datsik.  I'm pretty sure everyone in our group thought my mom had passed or something.  I was a mess, I wasn't speaking, and I almost cried, more than once. Even though, I managed to snag some great pictures (check le facebook for those, and if we aren't facebook friends, then I'm glad to know you like this enough to continue reading without photos). This moment also showed me that I do have some pretty great friends here who really do care about how I'm feeling, even if I'm not always bubbly and never-shutting-up. It's a good thing to know.
Besides that, Toledo is gorgeous, and I'm seriously upset that we didn't get to spend an entire day there, I'm pretty sure if I travel anywhere, that's one of the places I'm going to go to (again), there was a gorgeous cathedral that I really want to see things of, without a Jesus fanatic preaching as to why her religion is right (to those of you who know me, you know I'm not the biggest believer in God, and while I'm tolerant of other's views, that only lasts so long when they're shoving it down my throat). We weren't allowed to spend any 'alone' time there though, which was a huge bummer, because there were a lot of things we didn't get to see.
After Toledo's tour and a lunch, we returned to Madrid with the afternoon to ourselves, which means SHOE SHOPPING. And yes I did get a fabulous pair for only 9 euro, which ups my shoe collection here to around 10 pairs for only 35 euro. Yea, I kind of rock at this. After we finished shopping, we got to have more nap time before dinner, and after dinner, all the ladies got fabtabulously delectable and looked like rock stars. Not even joking. There have never been such stunning women in one group, I swear. We headed to the hottest club at 1am.  I only partied for a few hours because I was still a little upset. But everyone else had a lot of fun, and they had some really amazing parts to that club. I might go back just to see if I enjoy it more when I'm in a better mood.
The next day after about four hours of sleep, I went to breakfast, and found out we had to go tour an art museum, and that I was not, in fact, allowed to be in my pjs all day :(.  So I went upstairs to do a last sweep check to make sure everything was all packed and to change into some 'real' clothes. This art museum was actually pretty amazing, and I plan on going back so that I can see all the pieces at my leisure, instead of a tour guides (although she was pretty fantastic at what she did, and it wasn't her fault we arrived late and only had a few hours scheduled with her anyway).  The art there was so beautiful, a few were strange, but still beautiful.
Now onto the reason why we were late, because the large majority of everyone went out the night before, there were a few people who were seriously hungover, now all of them but about one managed to be on time (or like 5 minutes late at the most) except for one kid, who seemed to think it was awesome that he almost got left in Madrid, because he was 25 minutes late. No joke. It was a bit past ridiculous, and our instructor was NOT pleased.  It wouldn't surprise me if he's put on probation with the school because of it.
But that doesn't matter, because it was basically a good time, in beautiful places with people I'll never forget, even if I'm missing home a bit more.

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