Sunday, September 16, 2012

THE weekend

So as you can tell, I've been slacking off a bit with this blog, because I have school and nothing new or interesting to say. But after this weekend, I have a megapost to make you guys. The only problem is to remember all the details from the past four days. But for you, I'll do my best.
Thursday night, the kids from CIDE (which is the office here in Spain in charge of dealing with the group of students that I'm in) were put on the VIP list to a club in Bilbao, Erasmus World. And this place was awesome, there was a bar downstairs and an air conditioned one upstairs with like a little lounging area. Not to mention they had gogo dancers stripping. Which no one knew about or expected, so the Americans in the club were kind of like "what the hell is this magical land?" And on top of that, all of us CIDE girls were looking fabtab and fine. You'll either have to take my word for it or go check out facebook, because I didn't have my camera on me all weekend, and so I have no proof to back up my claims.
However as a tip, for those of you who are on the same or lesser intelligence level as me, I have some advice. When you go to a club, keep your shoes on the whole time, and if you can't do that in heels don't wear heels. I could not do that, and because of that, ended up getting three small slices on my feet and a couple shards of glass embedded into the sole of my foot, which I didn't realize there was actually glass in it until today, and having to open up a somewhat healed cut to dig around in it is painful.
Although I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked, because I had to help a friend get home, and I wasn't about to let her walk around Spain at 3am by herself, I still managed to have a pretty fantastic time.  And there was only minor quantities of alcohol involved, so my liver was happy as well.
Friday night was also spent at a club, and while this one wasn't as tiny and intimate as the one from the previous night, it was still one hell of a good time. However, I had a few more problems this night than just a few cuts on my feet. One of the girls I went with was nice enough to hold my phone and little coin purse with all my money, keys, and tickets for the bus/metro.  Well, I misheard her while she and another girl were talking, so I managed to snag my coin purse before she took off, but since I didn't realize she was actually leaving to go back home, she left before I could get my phone. Although this wasn't such a huge deal since I don't have any minutes left on it, and only had it for the numbers stored in it.
So after having this minor problem, you'd think I'd have figured out to keep my stuff on me, well, if you know me, you know how ridiculous of an idea that is. So, I asked a friend if I could borrow their pocket to put my little wallet in, and he said yes. So then I was like ok, just chilling out, getting a little buzz of my friend Sailor Jerry, having a good time.  Well this friend and a few others from the group decide they want to get their spanish on, so they go outside to meet some seƱoritas.  Well I start to freak out a little because like the previous situation, I don't know exactly where he is, or what his plans are, so when the three guys he was with come back in, and he's still outside I get a little bit worried, especially since they hadn't been with him, and didn't know where he was either. So I wait a few more minutes and try not to freak out, because you have to have faith.  Well a little while later I walked back to the doors after distracting myself with a few dances, and I see a couple girls walk back in, and I ask if they'd seen him.  Those lovely darlings, had and then walked me over to where he was so that I could get my wallet, which I (smartly) kept for the rest of the night in my hand.
The rest of the night was spent sweating out every drop of water/alcohol I had in my system, and I had such a good time doing it. I got to meet one of the kids from my group's host brother, who was pretty phenomenal and one hell of a good time. I'm seriously hoping we get to party with him soon, because he and his friends are crazy awesome. We called it quits at around 6am and decided to leave before the rest of the club cleared out, and the remaining five of us took the metro home.
Last night was supposed to be a continuation of the dance festival that was going on, but since no one was sure how to get to the beach this big dance-a-thon was at, our group got split up, I was one of the five who decided to stay in Algorta and drink at an Irish pub. I have tasted Guiness and can say that while it is way better than most American beers, and that it kicks the shit out of Heinekin, it's not my favorite thing to drink, at all. Anyway, this night was probably my favorite so far, it might not have been wild with any crazy stories (at least not ones that I care to share with the world), but it was nice to just chill with a few decent people and talk about everything and anything. I may have been slightly obnoxious, but to anyone who's actually been with  me while I'm happily buzzed and on the verge of drunk, knows I get this way. Just ask my darling Becca. Anywho, I made pacts that I happily remember, got enough hugs to last me until tomorrow, and made what I consider to be some pretty good friends. All in all it was a fabtab weekend, and I'd like to have something like last night repeat at least once every weekend, just for a relaxed good time.
Today has been spent sleeping, watching movies, eating, and doing homework. Which is how I wish the rest of life were, I'm going to be so spoiled by the time this semester is actually over...

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