Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getxo y Plentzia

I wish that I could tell you that I got pictures of one of the coolest places I have ever seen, beaten only by the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri, but I didn't because the batteries in my camera decided to die today. Which is more unfortunate than you can know, because the architecture of these places was phenomenal. When I say that they looked like miniature castles, I'm not exaggerating. It was so cool, it ties as one of the places I'd like to live as an adult.
While we were there, we had the most fantastic lunch, I lack the words to describe the deliciousness that I was able to put into my mouth today. It was some type of fish over buttery scalloped potatoes, and it beats anything in my life I'd ever eaten. I think I would entertain the idea of giving up sushi to eat this stuff more often.
After lunch, we went and toured the area directly above the beach, and got to go to this cute little bar, where we could either stay or go directly back to Bilbao. Most of us elected to stay in Getxo, and drink some fabulous Sangria. It is the best drink I've ever had, it's so sweet it goes down just like water. After those, I tried this thing called a calimocho (I think), which is coke and red wine. I know it sounds awful, but it grows on you. All and all it was a pretty good day, although we did get lost after we got off the metro, but finding our way is getting a bit easier. One day, I'll be able to walk through Bilbao and know where I am.

Here are some pictures of the courtyard between all the apartment buildings where I'm staying and the view of Bilbao I get to look at when I walk to school.  There's also pictures of the chapel in the university that I'm studying at along with a few pictures from Plentzia before my camera died.

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