Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The after effects of chippie chips and gravy

So an update on my incredibly amazing life right now,  I figure I can stick better to once a week rather than like once a day, because not nearly enough things happen for me to fuel this every day. Last weekend I went to England to see a friend one last time before she moved to Australia, and it was kind of the best time of my life ever. I seriously fell in love with that country, which I kind of figured I would. I met quite a few amazing people, who were fabulous. I can now attest that British people make Americans say just as many words to hear the funny accent as we do to them. And it certainly is a new feeling being the odd man out. Of course I ate fish and chips, since it's kind of a requirement when you go to England, and yea, I probably just made that up. I also went out and partied with the Brits, and again fabulous. I loved it so much there, there was one point in time while I was at the train station where I just contemplated going AWOL and staying in England for forever. It was one of those places that just made you feel like you were home. It was a beautiful feeling, and I'm definitely going back some day. It'd even be like the best gift in my life if I could live there, at least for a bit, I've never been so enchanted with a place in my life, and I like to consider myself a bit of a world traveler.

In other news, I start my real classes on Monday instead of these boring hours of "intensive" courses where I learn nothing and doodle in my notebook. I've managed to meet some awesome people here, AND I'VE FOUND A STORE THAT HAS CLOTHES MY SIZE!!! As a fat person in Europe, you start to feel really awful about yourself when you can't even find clothes to cover one of your legs let alone both. So to actually find a store with my size in it, that has things I like the look of, is like the best chocolate on the world on Christmas with a mind blowing orgasm. No, it's better than that. I just don't know any words in any language to describe the feeling it gives you.

I also bought new shoes, please don't tell my mother, she doesn't need to know, and there's something so nice and lovely about a new pair of functional shoes, they're not even heels. They're lovely black boots, that were just calling my name. So I couldn't leave them behind.

I'm still in love with my host family, they actually said I was part of the family the other day, which after the last people I stayed with, almost made me cry. I adore them so much, and the dad is so funny, he has like a direct line to my sense of humor, and uses it frequently. They're letting me cook for them all day Saturday, I am so happy with this that I could explode. Seriously, I get teary eyed from my luck this semester, it's completely opposite from my last experience. And I'm really hoping that it continues for out the rest of the semester.

The only problems I've had so far is a slight bit of homesickness (and I don't even have Jane here to comfort me :(((() along with missing my dog, because who wouldn't miss his adorable little face, and everything is so much more expensive here than it was in Spain. Granted I've had to pay like everything to get here twice because fuck you French government, and that hits a bank account pretty damn hard. Which makes me sad, because well, it means less travel time if I decide to stay with my lovely host family, which I'm really truly considering because I do NOT want to live in the dorms again...ever. Which means no return to England this semester is what it seems like :( oh well, we'll see. If you read this and feel like making a donation to Jaci's play around Europe birthday present you should hit up my mother, she would love to deposit it into my account. And on that note, I've run out of new information and sales pitches, so I leave you until next week, where I hopefully have something interesting to say.

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