Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look at How Good I'm Doing

It hasn't even been a full week, and I'm already at this blogging thing again. Look at me go! Anyway, I've been having so many good things going on, I thought I should report them before something catastrophic happens to make me forget all the lovely things.

Firstly, I took my placement test last Monday to find out which class I would be in for my semester here in Besancon, and I was worried that I wouldn't do well on it because I had a semester off from French when I was in Spain. On Thursday we found out the results at 4:30 pm and it was one of the most stressful waits of my life (at least that I can remember). I was the last person in the group of students I'm here with to find out where I was placed, simply because I didn't want to physically force my way through the masses who were also waiting to discover the results. It turns out I got placed in C1 which is one of the best classes, most people in the group I came with usually place in the B levels, so for me to get so high is really fantastic. I've had a lot of my French teachers from back home congratulate me, which I do deserve because it's really a fantastic thing.

On the same line of classes, I've managed to give myself a four day schedule with no classes on Monday, which means I have 3 day weekends ever week :) and on all of my big breaks, I get an extra day. This is extremely good news, since traveling back on a Monday is much cheaper than traveling on Sundays. I'm already making plans on where I want to go in France and the surrounding countries. This is again the part where I beg my mother to find some random stash of money to pay for all these travel plans I want to do.

I'm still in love with my host family, even more so than the last time. Why you might be asking, because they let me cook here. I feel like part of the family. They let me make a paella tonight, and it turned out fabulously, it's the best one I've made so far. They complimented me on it, and said the next time we have it, I have to teach them the recipe. Which means I'm guaranteed another day of cooking!!! And tomorrow I'm making them pancakes!!! WHO DOESN'T LOVE PANCAKES!! I can even make them fabulously shaped pancakes, because I indeed have those skills.

The new girl who is going to be staying with us until July arrived on Friday, and she seems pretty awesome. I've only spent a couple days with her but from what I've learned, she's amazing. She likes Pride and Prejudice, and she's going to teach me how to make sushi, there is nothing she could do to make me not like her. She's also just super adorable, and she takes some of the pressure off of me to spend all my time with Eline, which is really nice. It helps me get some me time, and everyone who knows me, knows I get Hitler-esque if I don't get to be by myself for a bit. She's from South Korea, and the little bits she's shared about it are really interesting. The only negative side of this, is that she doesn't speak a lot of French so we're reverting to English so that she can understand stuff, which sucks for me, because I want to practice my French, not my English skills (I'll get enough of that when I go back to England and find my future husband).

I had my first real champagne tonight, and it was pretty delicious, I might make a tradition when I get back to the states of champagne Saturdays, it's kind of a nice idea. Along with working out again, because oh my gosh the food here, it's so good I can't stop eating, I'm going to gain all the weight back that I lost in Spain, and I'm not ok with that :(.

And not that this is good news, this is just for funsies, but here's a list of all the places outside of France I'm planning on going to. (And no dear family and friends, this is not a shameless plug for you to pick your preferred destination and donate to the Jaci plays in Europe fund. Promise.) I'm thinking of hitting up Prague, somewhere in Germany depending on the time of the semester, Geneva or even possibly some small town close to the French border, Austria, northern Italy, Ireland, Scotland, another trip to my beloved England for two weeks to tour around all the places I've read about in Jane Austen novels, and possibly even back to Spain to say hello to my ama and a few friends who are still there studying. Oh, and I forgot Brussels. How silly of me.

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