Monday, February 4, 2013

Thankful for the little things

I know everyone always says that you should count your blessings every day, and I'm definitely one of the people that's like, yea ok, I'ma get right on that, thanks for the idea. (That's read with a lot of sarcasm.) But this past week, I actually did count my blessings that I have no medical conditions and that I'm an extremely healthy person. For one, I have no known allergies, which is great considering if you're in a foreign country and you don't know how to say what you're allergic to, you're screwed in a less than fun way.

But on top of that, I can't imagine going to a different country with a serious illness and living with a host family. It'd be so difficult. The reason I bring this up is because one of my host sisters has a health problem, and that's about as far as I'll go into it, because it's neither my business nor the world's exactly what she has. But her experience has to be extremely difficult. When you go to a foreign place where you don't speak the language, living with a new family, it's very stressful to ask them for special circumstances.  On top of that if you don't have the words to describe what's happening and what you need, it's an awful time.  Just watching how upset my host sister was got me upset.

So today, I'm thankful that I'm in fine health and my diet doesn't have any special restrictions besides insanely ginormous amounts of chocolate, multiple times a week. I'm happy and healthy and having a fantastic time, and that makes me crave a bit of tata for now while I go search for some cocao.

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