Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bon Voyage A Allemagne

So this weekend I took a trip to Heidelberg Germany to send off a friend back to the states. I had a lovely time and I also learned quite a few things. Firstly, Germany is a way better place to get candy in than the states, because they still have crispy M&Ms. WHICH ARE THE BEST M&MS EVER....DON'T EVEN TRY TO DISAGREE. In my humble opinion whoever decided to stop producing them in the states should be fired. As fast as humanly possible. Because they were the destroyer of the best candy ever to be invented.

The second reason Germany is better than the states is because they have paulaner beer. (I don't know if we have this in the states for the main reason being that I'm 21 and don't have free rights to wander around alcohol shops.) But it's just full of fabulous goodness and it even tastes good warm. You know it's a good beer if you can drink it warm.

I also had a pizza sandwich, and this is a beautiful thing. It's where you take two frozen pizzas and cook them at the same time. It's also better if you use two different types of pizza, if you want to do the same boring kind to be a lame boring sauce head you can, but that's lame and boring. So just spice up your life and use two different kinds already. Once they are done cooking you place one upside down on top of the other. And then you cut it into however many pieces you want/have the energy for. Then you stuff your face with one of the most magical creations ever found.

I've also realized that my habit for being early is a lovely thing, and I should never change that, because when I change that, I miss trains, and then I have to take expensive taxi rides to catch my next train. That's the morale of Germany. I legitimately got to the platform as my train was pulling away, luckily for me it was just the tiny little train ride that I missed, not the three ish hour one to take me back to fancy France pants. So I rushed outside and had my darling friend ask if there was any way possible to get me to Mannheim before 2:40, which the nice gentleman taxi driver said yes. He made it there with 5 minutes before my train left, so he got a 20 euro tip because I didn't have time to wait for change. I hope his day was made. I will also never complain about how taxi drivers drive ever again, because with his mad wicked grand theft auto skills, I managed to not have to buy another expensive train ticket. However, I will still complain when they make lewd and inappropriate suggestions to me when all I want is a ride home so I don't have to climb up a damn mountain.

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